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Hydraulik Power Co., Ltd., is one of leading and diversified manufacturerin designing, manufacturing of hydraulic components, cooling system and hydraulic power unit. Under the brand name of HP-Hydraulik Power andover than 10 year wide experience in this industry, each product utilizes a cutting-edge technology and supply customers with tailored solutions in Mobile and Industrial application around the world. Our hydraulic products are designed and manufactured in-house using the latest technology, know-how can implement customer possibility requirements, achieve satisfaction to customers’ need and provide high quality product, it enables us to be competitive in the world market. We offer a full range hydraulic products which enjoy a high reputation for excellent quality and have passed ISO9001:2008, CE Mark and RoHS authentications. In the past years, HP has enjoyed very successful and innovative achievements and our future should be directed toward huge growth in the fluid power application.

Because of the pivotal role we play, Hydraulik Power is committed to create and maintain powerful customer relationships built on a foundation of excellence. From the productswe manufacture to our dedicated customer service and support, we know what’s important to you.



Hydraulik Power provides variety of hydraulic products for diversified application in Mobile and Industrial Industry. Including:

1. Hydraulic solenoid operated directional valve

2.Hydraulic solenoid valve with position monitoring/feedback

3.Modular valve

4.Hydraulic Systems

5.Air-oil heat exchanger/ cooler system

6.Hydraulic power package/ power unit /power system